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Progressive Polarized Sunglasses Lenses
Philip Brooks (Bridgeport, US)

Nice fit, completely satisfied.

The glasses are well put together I love the way in the field in the customized look but the small and very tight I need to be a little bit taller but overall I give it a 9 out of 10

Vanguard Prescription Safety Cycle Glasses
Glen Farthing (Ipswich, GB)
Really good lenses!

I was surprised how good the lenses are, really sharp and precise. Great quality. The frames are very lightweight and feel quite flimsy, however I keep them in the car so this isn't an issue. Also something I didn't account for was you can't fold the arms for storing without taking off the side sheilds.

Overall great frames, super happy with them for driving.

Optiflex Anti Slip Prescription Sports Glasses

Worked and looked good

Lens we’re great frame was comfortable and looked good

customized lenses
Vincent Granaldi (Philadelphia, US)

Excellent in every way!

Optiflex Anti Slip Prescription Sports Glasses
Kevin Vincent (Los Angeles, US)
Amazing product

Nothing else to say but amazingly great product

Single Vision Polarized Sunglasses Lenses
Stephan Posta (Calgary, CA)
Great buy

Fits good. I can see clearly. Will shop again at optical factor.

Progressive Blue-Light-Blocking Lenses
Victor Fleishman (Mississauga, CA)
Great prescription/ Frames

I was sceptical of ordering prescription lenses / progressives lenses / frames online.
Very satisfied with the price and the results

OF Anti Slip Prescription Sports Glasses
Richard Narain (Melbourne, AU)
Sports glasses

Perfect fit and very good for sports even swimming

Prescription Safety Glasses

Super love the Safety Glasses, everyone's been noticing it. Quality on a reasonable price. Definitely recommend it!

OF Anti Slip Prescription Sports Glasses
Hanford Kendall (Burgeo, CA)
sports Glasses

Excellent in very way

Nice glasses

Order this pair of glasses for when i work
Will order pair after that one

Prescription Safety Tactical Rectangle Glasses P8450


The lenses are great. The frames are cheap. $10 safety glasses are better quality. But $129 for polarized sunglasses is cheap. They'll be great for golf.

Light responsive

Love these lenses. They are a little slow going back to clear, but they go much darker than previous glasses from other companies, which I like a lot!

Progressive Polarized Sunglasses Lenses
CRAIG P BERRY (Sinking Spring, US)

I have spent a lot of money on my Bass fishing sunglasses and i am so announced that i will be joining the Elite Force bass team for 2024 at a tournament level. And you can best believe that i will be glasses i know that they will be asking me about them i will be in touch

Optiflex Anti Slip Prescription Sports Glasses
Rafael Delgadillo (Garden Grove, US)


Progressive Clear Lenses
Alfred Sheppard (Springdale, CA)
Progressive glasses and Safety glasses

Very well done 👏

Better Than Expected!

Given the very reasonable price, I honestly wasn’t expecting the excellent vision they provided along with the comfortable fit. Perfect for the rigours of playing tennis. Nice to see the ball again!

Single Vision Clear Lenses
Thierno Diallo (Minneapolis, US)

C’est cool

Prescription sunglasses

Ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses, I love the quality of the glasses, no regrets will order again from optical factor

Guardrix Safety Glasses
Hanford Kendall (Burgeo, CA)
Safety Glasses



I am more than happy with my purchase! A great value and faster than getting replacement lenses put in my old frames.
Nationwide vision charged me over $500 for similar glasses, I paid $250 that insurance didn't cover before getting wise to the scam, returning the glasses for a refund and finding this awesome company!! Thanks so much!!!

Bifocal Polarized Sunglasses Lenses
Rebecca Fleming (Greenbrier, US)

Great product