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Great for the price

Fits well works great looks good will use again for my next pair

Hunter Prescription Safety Rectangle Glasses
Buddy Scott (Springfield, US)
really impressed!

I needed a sturdy pair of prescription glasses for motorcycle riding and I kept seeing ads on facebook for this style. After looking at the ad and checking out the website, I figured I'd give Optical Factor a shot. In short, I'm really impressed! After riding with them multiple times in a variety of lighting situations (night/cloudy day/sunny day), the photochromic lenses respond really well to changing light conditions and the sharpness of the prescription is spot-on. I wear bifocals but decided to go with single vision lenses since most of the "seeing" I'll be doing is distance anyway and very little, if any, will be close up. The price is great, too! For a guy who's spent decades paying hundreds of $$$ for prescription eyeglasses, I don't think I'll ever go to the "name" brand stores any more after this. In fact, I like these glasses so much I'm ordering another pair in another style today! If you're on the fence, give Optical Factor a chance. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Alena Precription Safety Cateye Glasses
Carma Halterman (Baltimore, US)
Perfect in every way!

My new safety glasses with progressive lenses are perfect. Reading instruction and grinding steel? No problem. And the contact to my face couldn't be better.

Great deals

Great pice,and good quality. Can't go wrong.

Hunter Prescription Safety Rectangle Glasses
Christopher Fiddy (Beccles, GB)
Safety glasses

Excellent service, Glasses are perfect, had my doubts when ordering but now i have them the y are exactly what i needed

Single Vision Clear Lenses
Emmy Hamblin (Vancouver, CA)
Not bad at all - would buy again

Kinda cheap but I would buy again. Nothing too note worthy. These are some pretty average glasses. 👍 Will order more in future to compare again.

Bought the ones with the side shields for work but ended up wearing them to the bar too and got lots of compliments

Sawyer Round Glasses
Lamique Masters (Brooklyn, US)


Great Sunglasses

These Sunglasses are awesome. More than I expected and made very well. I will definitely be buying more glasses.

Optiflex Anti Slip Prescription Sports Glasses
Timothy Foster (South Yarmouth, US)
Great glasses

I bought my first pair of progressives at Lenscrafter $550. I wear this same prescription at work every night. Thank you. I want another pair but tinted.

Hunter Prescription Safety Rectangle Glasses
Peter Maynard (Broomfield, US)
Great glasses !!

Same quality as the ones I paid $300 for in the US. Highly recommend. Thanks 🙏

Hunter Prescription Safety Rectangle Glasses
Robert E James Wehman (San Francisco, US)
Excellent Product and Service!

Great products and delivery at a fraction of the cost of the US equiv.

Hunter glasses

A great product

Great glasses

My glasses arrived quickly & they fitted perfectly.

Getting lots of positive feedback when I wear them.

Thank you!

Saber Prescription Safety Rectangle Glasses
Clayton Hyland (Smiths Falls, CA)
Excellent production

My new safety glasses arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much.

Sport glasses

Very good quality. Attractive price. Professional response from customer service department my favorite glasses

Charisma Cat Eye Glasses
Charlotte Muench (Mainz, DE)
Elegant as Singlasses

I am complimented on those glasses whenever I use them here in Germany

Hunter Prescription Safety Rectangle Glasses
Torkai Soltanzadeh (Maricopa, US)

Thanks for good service

Great for commited players

thought because of the price the prescription would be a bit off but no. Just perfect. literally perfect

Bret Prescription Polarized Sports Sunglasses
Sam Lovell; customer (Crossville, US)
Great glasses

Perfect for riding my motorcycle

Aubrey Prescription Safety Rectangle Glasses
Ericko Capila (Edmonton, CA)
Safety glasses

Works well. I like how its adjustable depending on your face's shapes and the shield/rubber pieces looks like its gonna last a little bit longer than i had before that i paid three times more.


Got my luuk's today. Progressive with photo lenses. Can see great and glasses are the best. Can't believe the price.

OF Anti Slip Prescription Sports Glasses
Billy Prasetyo (Arlington, US)

Great product, it fit and looks awesome. The product arrive not too long. About to order another one. The sunglasses

Optiflex Anti Slip Prescription Sports Glasses
Zach Carpenter (Morgantown, US)

Optiflex Anti Slip Prescription Sports Glasses


Love it

Very robust sport glasses

The prescription is ok and the glasses are very sporty and robust. I like them very much.