Cat Eye Glasses

Cat Eye Glasses

106 products
    106 products
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    Gracie Cat Eye Sunglasses
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    Epilogue Cat Eye Sunglasses
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    Lyla Cat Eye Sunglasses
    Tortoiseshell Blue Black Brown
    Prodigy Cat Eye Sunglasses
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    Embellish Cat Eye Glasses

    Best Cat Eye Optical Eyeglasses and Cat-Eye Glasses Frames Online

    The cat eye is making a fierce comeback in today's fashion. These glasses are an epitome of old Hollywood glamour that add instant drama and vintage appeal to any trend or look. Cat eye frames are known for their flared outer edges to accentuate the shape of a woman's eyes.

    Styled to accentuate a woman's facial features, cat eye glasses were designed to enhance the natural color of hair and eyes. The colors transformed from boring metallic of the previous decade, to bright colors that made a statement.

    Cat eye glasses are regaining popularity despite their classic design. They provide an elegant and feminine touch to any outfit, including exuberant costumes worn by celebrities like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

    Cat eye glasses are best for a forehead with narrow cheeks and a pointy chin, also for a Diamond-shaped face with a narrow jaw, wider cheekbones, and a narrow facial structure at the temple.

    At Optical Factor you can find a wide range of high quality but cheap eye glasses frames, not just for women, but there cat eye glasses for mens, too. If you like designer cat eye glasses frames don’t miss to check our collection of cat eye prescription glasses online.