How to Select The Right Eyeglass Frame Shapes For Your Face?

Eyeglasses can actually enhance your facial features to make you look sleek, stylish and trendy. The important thing about selecting glasses in finding which type suits your facial shape best. Not every eyeglass shape, design or color will look good on you. So How to Select The Right Eyeglass Frame Shapes For Your Face?

You should check eyeglass frames that are suited to your particular face contour. First, assess what is the exact shape of your face. It can be round, square, oval or diamond. Eyeglass manufacturers come up with different types of frames to suit each particular face shape.

Select your face shape!

Before you buy eyeglasses, the best way is to identify your face shape. Generally, there are about seven face shapes which are as follows:

  • Round shape
  • Diamond shape
  • Heart shape
  • Square shape
  • Rectangle shape
  • Oblong
  • Oval
  • Triangle

Optical factor has designed all eyeglass frame shapes according to your face shape to achieve the best look. Many applications can help you with determining your face shape.

Now that you know your face shape, you can easily select the best glasses for yourself without even trying them out! Yes, it is that simple and easy. Enjoy high-quality eyeglasses without any hassle! Now, you can have a look at our extensive range of eyeglasses. Not only this, we have a wide range of prescription sunglasses too. Check them out here.

Here, the top trending eyeglass frame shapes to choose from and carry a style statement!

7 Types of Eyeglass Frame Shapes

  • Cat-eye glasses

How to Select The Right Eyeglass Frame Shapes For Your Face?

Cat-eye glasses are perfect for the women out there. It helps to accentuate their cheekbones to give the best look. Cat-eye glasses have been a part of the trend for many years, and they are in fashion in 2021!

Cat-eye glasses are beautiful, and they look phenomenal. It is one of the most flattering styles of glasses you will find in trend right now!

These cat-eye glasses are not only perfect for women, but they are also perfect for men to give them a masculine look. Cat-eye glasses work well to provide you with a younger and funky look. You can also choose from a variety of colored frames that suit your face and hair. These cat-eye glasses give a lifted and stunning appearance, and it works for middle-aged women too.

Cat-eye glasses were designed to enhance the overall look and style of your hair and eyes. It adds a super classy touch to your look without overdoing it. Cat-eye glasses work best to enhance the features of a person. The sharp and pointy edges of cat-eye glasses help to give your features a boom.

 It can improve your features in a go. Cat-eye glasses are perfect for people with a round face or diamond face with wider cheekbones. Most people love Cat-eye glasses, but it suits people with delicate features. If you have sharp features, then the cat-eye glass isn't for you.

So, shop now and get the ultimate look right away!

  • Aviator Glasses

How to Select The Right Eyeglass Frame Shapes For Your Face?

Aviator glasses are perfect for everyone because they suit all face types. You can achieve a great look with the help of these eyeglasses. Aviator glasses can be carried by round, square, heart, and pear shapes.

The best thing about aviator glasses is that you can achieve a formal look with a three-piece suit, and it would look stunning. It helps to add a class and character to your overall look.

These aviator glasses have never been out of style. They have been classical. We have added some depth and fashion by giving them an oversized look which is trending in 2021.

Yes, aviator glasses are trendy, but we rest the case because we have excellent options when it comes to eyeglasses. The aviator glasses are perfect prescription glasses that are made of high-quality metal and acetate.

Aviators are perfect for young and middle-aged people, but older people should avoid aviators because they won't give a more youthful feel. However, the ultimate decision is yours; if they suit you, you are good to go.

Well, our ordering process is easy and quick. You can add the prescription and lens type without any hassle. Order now and enjoy premium quality glasses.

  • Browline Glasses

How to Select The Right Eyeglass Frame Shapes For Your Face?

Browline glasses are a classic combination of a modern and retro design. Browline glasses are back in style due to the influence of retro style and hip hop. These browline glasses are perfect for people with square or rectangular faces, and they work excellent for all occasions.

The browline glasses work well for both men and women. One of the best ways to choose browline glass is to keep your face shape in mind. These browline glasses work well for round faces too. However, you can check the size of the frame by wearing different browline glasses.

If you are trying to look fashionable, then these browline glasses should be on your bucket list.

These browline glasses are perfect for giving a strong style statement and a bold look that suits a calm and composed personality perfectly. The browline glasses also soften up some solid features and help you give a subtle look. The browline glasses work well for narrow foreheads.

  • Geometrical Glasses

How to Select The Right Eyeglass Frame Shapes For Your Face?

Geometrical glasses are perfect for adding dimension to your facial features. If you have a round face, then these geometrical glasses will be perfect for you. It will add a classy and geometrical appearance to your face. The best thing about geometrical glasses is that they cover various styles, giving an all-in-1 look and appearance.

These geometrical glasses can magically add dimension and angles to round faces; isn't that wonderful?

Yes, geometrical glasses help you look younger, fun-loving, and easy to go! They will add charm and style to your personality, change your look in a go!

These geometrical glasses are for men and women.

Geometrical glasses for women

The manufacturers are constantly working on women's prescription and non-prescription glasses, so there are many eyeglass frame shapes. But, these geometrical glasses are perfect for achieving a fresh and funky look.

Geometrical glasses for men

These geometrical glasses give a youthful appearance to the men out there. These geometrical glasses add the best look when paired with jeans and a t-shirt. It also provides a stylish and manly appearance.

  • Oval Glasses

How to Select The Right Eyeglass Frame Shapes For Your Face?

Oval glasses have a circular frame with a wider width than its height. These oval frames are perfect for square, rectangular, and even diamond-shaped faces. The soft shape of oval glasses helps regulate the sharp features and jawlines to give a more natural and subtle look.

These oval glasses can work for everyone! They will look stunning and classy. If you are the person that has perfect features, then these oval glasses will be an ideal fit. It will help to enhance your look and add a unique style to your appearance.

These oval glasses work well to give a trendy and stylish appearance without any effort. If you have an elongated face, then these oval glasses will ideally suit you. Not only this, oval glass frames work best for round-shaped faces too. You can go for an oversized oval frame shape that will add class and style right away!

These oversized glasses will help you look trendy and funky, so enjoy the look and order now!

  • Round Glasses

How to Select The Right Eyeglass Frame Shapes For Your Face?

Round glasses suit both men and women. If you want to change your look, then you can go for round glasses. These round glasses are perfect for carrying a vintage vibe. Round frames look lovely and classy; they are perfect for creative and fun-loving people.

Round glasses are perfect for square-shaped faces or rectangular faces. You can play with the frame colors to achieve a younger and vibrant look. Round glasses are not an excellent choice for round faces as they can give an unattractive look. But, the round frameworks are like wonders for square and rectangular faces. The contrast is worth admiring!

Oversized round glasses can be your new favorite. They look trendy and classy, and they can change your appearance. These are perfect for casual wear or parties where you want to make a style statement. These round glasses are prominent and noticeable; everyone will notice them right away!

These round frame glasses come with titanium quality rims perfect for casual and formal looks, giving your face the most premium quality and class.

The best thing about round frames is that it gives a supreme and modern touch throughout the years and the trend is not getting over any soon. Round glasses are also called tea-shades which is a fashion trend among pop icons.

Order now and become a part of the classy and catchy trend! Shop from a wide variety of round glasses and choose your favorite one.

  • Rectangular Glasses

How to Select The Right Eyeglass Frame Shapes For Your Face?

Rectangular glasses are the best form of glasses when it comes to glasses wearers. These rectangular glasses are perfect for people with oval hearts or round-shaped faces.

Rectangular glasses are perfect for round-shaped faces because you can achieve a more extended and sleeker look by wearing these glasses. It adds a balance to your overall look, and it will look perfect.

Round-shaped people should avoid round glasses and go for rectangular ones instead. You will fall in love with this new look!

Rectangular glasses are perfect for formal occasions because they will add a style statement to your overall look. Rectangular glasses are famous around the globe due to their versatility. You can achieve a professional look with the help of these rectangular glasses.

The best thing about rectangular glasses is that they suit all occasions and you can wear them casually and formally. It adds a class and character to the people who are wearing it. Rectangular glasses come with different materials and styles that will give a different look every time.

How to look pretty in glasses?

One of the greatest quests is how to look pretty in glasses? Well, select an eyeglass frame shape according to our recommendations and achieve a great look by wearing glasses.

We have a wide variety of glasses that are perfect for everyone. There are many options for round-shaped people which will help them look fabulous. Yes, eyeglasses play an essential role in enhancing your features and style, so make a choice wisely!


You can choose from a variety of frame shapes here at Optical factor. We focus on premium quality so that these glasses go a long way. We concentrate on ultimate shapes, designs, and colors to satisfy our customer's requirements. We hope you will have a great time selecting your favorite eyeglass according to your face shape! Shop now!

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