Frame Size Guide

The secret to ordering a perfectly fitting pair of eyeglasses online is simple: know your frame size. The frame size of eyeglasses and sunglasses uses the same three key measurements:

  • Eye Size: the width of the frame around the lens
  • Bridge Width: the width of the frame across your nose
  • Temple Length: the length of the arm of the glasses from the front of the frame to behind your ear

How To Measure Your Glasses Frame Size?

Lens Width

Lens Height

Bridge Width

Temple Length

Frame Width

  • Lens width: Lens width is the horizontal diameter of the lens at its widest point. In optometry, another term used for that is "eye size".
  • Lens height: Lens height measures the size of the lens vertically, that is from the top to the bottom of the lens. Although sizes may differ depending on the brand, the standard size is somewhere between 32 and 38 millimetres.
  • Bridge width: Bridge width is the part that joins the two lenses and sits over the nose. Some refer to this as the "gap". The bridge width varies between 14 and 24 millimetres.
  • Temple length: The temple is the "arm" that keeps the sunglasses on your face. That "arm" extends to the part that hangs on the ear. The length is usually 135, 140 or 145 millimetres.
  • Frame Width: Frame Width is the measurement horizontally across the back of the frame.height requirements for single vision prescriptions.

Find Your Size On Your Current Frames

Every pair of glasses is a little different, so the size information may not always be located in the same place. If you look closely at the inscriptions on its frames, you will see digits that will help you find the right size for your new glasses. like this example:

Pay attention though, because each pair of glasses is different, depending on the manufacturer.

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