You should get your prescrition from your optometrist. They are required to provide you with your prescription.

We sell 100% online. You need to fill out your prescription when you check out and choose the type of lens you want. Should you encounter any questions, try contact us at contact@opticalfactor.com

Make sure you send email to us at contact@opticalfactor.com right away. Our customer service team will help take care of your issue.


Yes. Just select Frame Only option on our product page.

You can find your current size by checking the inside of your glasses.

Hi, all of our glasses are made in China.


All of our glasses comes with the basic feature of scratch resistence and UV protection. Premium features include:

> High Index Lens: 1.61, 1.67 and 174 Lens are all anti scratch and anti reflective

> Blue Light Blocking: We offer blue light block feature for most of our glasses.
> Hydrophoic: our hydrophobic coating repel water drops from lens surface

Bifocal lenses offers two different viewing zones: the top part of the lens is for distance (i.e. to help you see things far away) and the lower part for the lens is for reading (i.e. to help you see things up close). The viewing zones of bi-focal lenses are divided by a visible line.

Progressive lenses are essentially no-line bi-focals. But instead of offering just two different viewing zones (near and far vision), progressive lenses offer many different focal points by seamlessly transitioning from distance vision to intermediate and near vision and everything in between. Progressive lenses provide much more natural vision and are typically recommended over bi-focal lenses.

We can include prism in our lenses. All of the prescription orders are verified by our professional opticians. If you include prism in your prescription we will confirm with you before crafting your lenses.

First-time progressive lens wearers often need a little time to get used to them. Your eye and brain have to learn to adjust to the different corrective powers within the lenses. You may need a week or so to adjust. If you continue to have vision problems after that time, please contact your eye doctor to double-check the prescription.