Eyeglass Frame Shapes

Buy premium-quality eyeglasses from Optical factor. These eyeglasses are available in different frame shapes that will help you achieve the best and stylish look. Our collection has cat-eye glasses, aviator glasses, browline glasses, geometrical glasses, oval glasses, round glasses, and rectangular glasses so that you can choose from the most extensive collection of frame shapes! 

Styled to accentuate a woman's facial features, cat eye glasses were designed to enhance the natural color of hair and eyes. The colors transformed from boring metallic of the previous decade, to bright colors that made a statement.

Cat eye glasses are best for a forehead with narrow cheeks and a pointy chin, also for a Diamond-shaped face with a narrow jaw, wider cheekbones, and a narrow facial structure at the temple. 

If you like designer cat eye glasses frames don’t miss to check our collection of cat eye prescription glasses online.

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The best part about aviator glasses is that they fit just about any face. Square, round, heart, and pear shapes can all pull off aviator sunglasses with ease. Aviator glasses are extremely popular, but rest assured, we offer enough options for you to be able to put your own unique spin on this enduring style.

Our aviator prescription glasses are handmade using high-quality, durable metal and acetate. 

Our ordering process is smooth and quick, enabling you to easily add your Rx prescription and adjust the lens type if required.

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With the perfect combination of modern and retro design, Browline glasses return to popularity thanks to the rise of retro style and the hipster subculture. Browline glasses fits rectangular, square and oval faces in any occasion.

These browline glasses are stylish, in a word, these are fashionable glasses for true gentlemen and for real ladies. If you still need glasses or frames, at Optical Factor you have a great selection of browline prescription glasses.

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Geometric glasses frames for women
Women's prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses have been attracting much manufactures’ attention in the past and in today's eyewear market, and there are tons of options. Geometric frames can better represent fun-loving, youthful, creative styles and make a woman more attractive.

Geometric glasses frames for men
When a man wears a pair of geometric eyeglasses of the right style and color, he looks more youth, fun-filled and manly. The irregular shapes and thin metal frames match with any t-shirt or suit jacket, and especially, the gold or gunmetal color, well shows the fashion-conscious men with a sense of style, confidence and precision. 

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Oval glasses are characterized by a circular frame, the width of which exceeds the height. Oval frames look great on rectangular, square and diamond faces. These softer curved frames are a more understated look while staying stylish and on-trend. Oval eyeglasses are available in tons of different materials and styles.

Our oval frame desings were made thinking about modern day men and women necesities, wich means you’ll find comfort you need, we hope you can find the right pair.

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Round glasses are a great pick for both women and men who want to change their look. Their vintage vibe guarantees that you will not go unnoticed. Round frames are beautiful and simple and are symbol of free spirited and creative people. 

Rimless, Round framed glasses with titanium quality rims which are very nice, handy, comfortable and solid. This kind of frame brings forth to the individual a unique charm. Round frames have everlasting modern characteristics; very light-weight, high level of comfort and durability give additional pleasure to the wearer. 

Thanks to our obsession with stylish and affordable eyewear, you can get the look for yourself without paying sky-high prices. 

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Rectangular frames are suitable for those with oval, round or heart-shaped faces. Rectangular frames with round corners present a soft, low-profile personality. We provide you with a variety of rectangular glasses of different styles and materials, including rectangular glasses with transparent lens or round corners as well as black plastic, oversized, or semi-rimless ones.

Do not miss the great selection of our designer rectangle eyeglasses. All you need is your most recent lens prescription from your optometrist. since it’s all online, you can take your time browsing through all the different frame styles, whenever and wherever!

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