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Single Vision Polarized Sunglasses Lenses
Andy Gundersen (Albuquerque, US)
Polarized Sunglasses

Great lightweight sports sunglasses. Polarized lenses are capable of blocking the glare of the water’s surface. Perfect for fly fishing and golf.

Progressive Polarized Sunglasses Lenses
Réal Chamberland (Montreal, CA)
Good glasses

Good quality

Progressive Clear Lenses
Bob Urban (Wasaga Beach, CA)

I didn't expect much to be honest at first but after receiving the order I'm very happy with the quality and packaging! I will order again from you ..thank you


Great quality glasses

These were perfect for use as my mountain bike riding glasses.

Excellent Lens

Being able to go from
Inside to out without having to change glasses.

Jusepa Rectangle Sunglasses
William J Wilkinson (Prince Albert, CA)

Good sunglasses for the price.

Progressive Photochromic (Light-Responsive) Lenses
Michael Chism (Michigan City, US)
Great glasses

I’m very happy with my glasses! They were exactly as I ordered and were very reasonably priced!

Logan sunglasses

I ordered these from optical factor,and they came in the mail 2 weeks later . I was skeptical at first, but I'm very happy with the fit and quality . My prescription was excellent .

Luuk Prescription Polarized Sunglasses
Tanyo Gospodinov (Atlanta, US)

Luuk Prescription Polarized Sunglasses

Great Cycling Glasses

Perception was spot on. Great glasses for working out at a great price.

Progressive Photochromic (Light-Responsive) Lenses
Hugh Dooley-Phillips (Collingwood, CA)

About a month from order to receiving ( hence 4 stars ) but otherwise excellent value for money. The black sports glasses look decent for the price their longevity is yet to be determined. Would highly recommend them so far .


good quality and the prescription was nearly bang on , can't fault them at the price

Progressive Blue-Light-Blocking Lenses
Michelle Homrighouse (Portland, US)
So many compliments!

I get so many compliments on my safety glasses at work! The cat eye design is unique and fun.

Progressive Photochromic (Light-Responsive) Lenses
David R Maya (San Bernardino, US)
I got two frames and they really do deserve 5 stars ⭐️

Thank you will be ordering again.

Late but worth it!

My first order was lost. Optical Factor replaced the order, kept me posted. Was worth the wait as the lenses were progressive and transitions. They got the script correct as well! Very happy, aside from the wait.

Progressive Clear Lenses
Edward Hairfield (Rock Hill, US)
Progressive lenses great deal !

I received my progressive lenses from optical factor and they are great! Super price as well ! Highly recommended!

Alena Precription Safety Cateye Glasses

Alena Precription Safety Cateye Glasses
Erin MacLeod (Montreal, CA)

Just because you work in a male dominated field doesn’t mean you can’t look Awesome!

Photochromic Proteco ANSI Z87.1 bi-focals are great

I wear bi-focals and tri-focals instead of using progressive lenses. I was buying another pair of glasses from Optical Factor (Sawyer) and I noticed that Optical Factor can do safety glasses in bi-focals.

I do some hobby woodworking, and I thought it would be nice to have a pair of glasses that I could use instead of using my normal glasses and having a wear over pair of protective glasses shield. Unlike the normal place I buy my eyeglasses from, Optical Factor could make the safety glasses in bi-focal format.

Having used the glasses for a bit, it really is a lot more comfortable not having to wear the protective glasses over my normal glasses.

The vendor I've previously bought my normal sets of glasses from can only do progressive glasses, and I prefer bi-focals. I used the prescription for doing computer work + reading rather than my distance prescription.

Now, I've worn bi-focals for so long, it is natural to me, but for things that involve detail, I find I prefer having the 2 specific regions on the glass, rather than having the middle region vary between the two focal lengths.

I did add a photochromic coating to the glasses because it wasn't that much more expensive. That being said, I don't plan to use the glasses outside of the shop.

I used one of the discounts Optical Factor sends out from time to time, and the glasses were $75 USA. The shipping from China to the USA was about a week.


Love them

Optiflex Anti Slip Prescription Sports Glasses
Daniel Choi (Philadelphia, US)
Better than expected

Item accurately described, glasses came with accurate prescription, stay in place during activities, durable and flexible, nice style and value.

Great safety glasses for working

in the yard. The prescription seems to be accurate, even progressive, and I don't have to juggle between regular glasses and my sports glasses for protection.


Single Vision Polarized Sunglasses Lenses
Perry Carioti (Cleveland, US)
Really perfect

Exactly what I was looking for